Wednesday, November 1, 2017



Well, here it is.

That long-awaited-all-encompassing-utterly-intelligent post where I WOW you as a Smart 37 year old. I've been sitting on this post for weeks because I knew. I knew something was not right. And now I know for sure. Writing comes effortlessly for me, but I write less and less because less and less do I know what is TRUE.

Maybe you know this feeling? The feeling of wondering what REAL is when FAKE has become the most popular word of 2017? (I made that up, but check Buzz Feed, maybe.)

Things that I know are true...

  1. I am 37 years old now
  2. I wanted to move to Montana
  3. I wanted to become an Astro-Physicist
  4. I wanted to...
Not sure.

Other news. I am back where I started two years ago. Packing up my courage and getting ready to teleport across the Mississippi to Regions Hospital to attend DayBridge. Again.

I learned today that there is no failing at DayBridge so you can take it again. And again. And my doctors thought a lil' stint through Behavioral Health Day Program refresher course could do me good. I trust my doctors. So I am going to go.

I am telling you, World, cause I don't care. About hiding things. I am Honest. I am just me.

Things that are true:
  1. I am a Musician
  2. I am funny
  3. I have Peacock Green (it really looks more blue than green) hair
  4. I am scared
Psych wards are scary for me. They shouldn't be. But they are. What is not scary for me? Telling you. Because I am just me, being me at age 37.

Wish me luck. Maybe I will knit you something in Occupational Therapy. But, probably not. Just being honest.

Susan Marie Andersen
aka Susan B. Agony
Wednesday, November 1st, 2017
8:32 PM

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