Friday, September 15, 2017

Secrets: Why We Need To Try Not To Lie

Sometimes I feel compelled to begin my blog posts with an historic fun fact or a deep famous quote in order to give myself credibility, but, fuck that shit.

Hello. Good Evening / Good Morning, Childrens.

Some of you follow me on FB / Instagram, etc, but lots don't, so. I'm just going to write as though we are sitting down for our very first coffee and cigarettes. Here, allow me to relight your American Spirit, there...

So. We, as human beings, we lie. We are really good at it. All of us. It is a natural skill. We use dishonesty to survive. If you are a longtime reader, you know that an important aspect of my overarching thesis is that we must remember we are all just Advanced Animals (good Band name, eh?).

I don't like lying. I'm still working on the answer to this, but I now know that my top two Core Values are: 
1. Honesty
2. Integrity

There has been quite a bit of professional Bull Shit / a.k.a Lying / flying around our tiny planet of late, and I am so sick of it that all I am going to do is blame it on Harvey and Irma. But, For Real...

Because I have a special Brain Disorder, I get the opportunity to be REAL a lot - I have to carefully slice open the top of my head with a super sharp scalpel, peel back the skin from the skull (there's not too much blood, so, not too gross for the squeamish out there), use that loud cranial saw to carve open the skull, and allow the Doctors to poke / prod / shake VooDoo dolls over my head then take notes that go into my Permanent Record.

I always Stand Down. You MUST do this. If you are documented as having a "Mental Illness" and you don't stand down (meaning, you just be YOU), it's handcuffs and XL bluish teal jumpsuits with scratchy hospital socks, all the way.

So, What I am getting at here is, YOU DON'T LIE.

Now, I am not here to lecture or Out anyone. I have no political agenda. All I am saying is that, in the 12 years that I've been forced to let other Animal Humans peer into my head / heart / gut cavities, I truly have learned the real value of Truth.

So, that's it. Have a think. Reflect on all the lies we do. Reflect on why you lie each and everyday (we all do, to some extent), and my advice would be to ask yourself the following:

"Why do I lie?"

So see what comes up for you. Then, drink a glass of something and go back to whatever you are doing.

That's it! Thanks :)


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