Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Air: Why We Need To Breathe

The Breath. Breathing. Air.


As I sit up here, back in my actual childhood bedroom (prior to this, I was sleeping in my Dead Dad's Hospital Room / Before that it was a TV room), I have to silently laugh to myself.

I looked up, "Ancient Quotes about the Breath" and I got a bunch of shit.

Then, my computer led me to some Pinterest stuff when I added in "Tao De Ching" and, well, here you go:

I've been sitting outside, smoking / meditating / listening to creepy crawlies (frogs?), and feeling homesick for New York. And Paris. And Chicago. And... Me.

In a therapy session today, conversation 1,349 about my Brain, I became tediously fatigued.

It's like, No. Yes, No, No, Yes. Maybe.

How many times do I have to describe what it feels like. Bipolar Type I. 
How many times do I have to defend that I follow the law. I take my Meds.
How many times to I have to tell myself, others, the Moon, Yaweh, whatever. That I am Me.

The Brain. I miss Obama who was so interested in it. All of that funding to figure out the three pound lump of cauliflower inside le tĂȘte.

Here is a quote I am making up but prove me wrong with Science and I will back down:

We know more about The Universe, The Oceans, and God 
than we do about The Brain.

(I am pausing so that you can go Google something and prove me wrong. Believe me, I DEFINITELY want someone to challenge that above "fake quote" by Susan B. Agony.)

Good Morning / Good Night / Good Evening / Good Afternoon.


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