Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Picture a perfectly filtered photo of my newly black vecroed broken wrist, 
with my Butter teal blue fingernail polished pointer finger
resting atop my weird pyramid crystal.

That would be the image here. FPO.
TTTTP: Too Tired To Take Photo

People assume a lot of things about other People. 
People assume that I am Happy / Spazzy / Fast etc. etc.
For 70% of my year, I am not. I am Slow / Quiet / Pray for Rainy Days.

People with Bipolar Type I Disorder experience Mania, Depression, and Normal.
I am currently working on Normal.
I assume that Other People think things about Me which they may or may not actually think.

"People think about you a lot less than you think they are thinking about you." 
- Paraphrased Dr. Phil, probably lifted from someone way smarter than him.

Today I was told that I am obsessed with myself. Oh.
I am actually obsessed with something else.
Just two little words, I say them to myself every morning when I awake from slumber, they are sometimes uttered in a plea, other times uttered in a factual, motherly tone, and other times set to Hip Hop beat:

"Stay Alive."
- Me, every morning.

People with Bipolar Type I Disorder have a 1 and 5 chance of dying in their lifetime of suicide. I will be part of the 4 out of 5 Dentists who Stay Alive.

People assume that Millennials are annoying and maybe we are but I really don't care, we will probably steal your job. #sorrynotsorry.

People are Tiring for Me
(I think) People assume that I am an Extrovert.
I am an Introvert. I Re-energize by being Alone.

People are nice, mean, killers, bullies, black, white, rainbow colors.
People rule the Earth.
One day, Artificial Intelligence will rule the Earth, but we will have already escaped to Mars.

People do not get enough sleep.
I am working on getting more sleep.

People eat too much. I am working on eating when I am hungry, and not worrying about when I am not.

People have five senses - Taste, Touch, Smell, Hear, See
I have a high pain tolerance.
I am in pain. Physical pain is easier for me than emotional pain.

I am hungry. I am going to eat a sandwich and some applesauce.
I am tired. I will sleep after I eat.
I am done with this post. I will smoke a cigarette.


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