Saturday, May 7, 2016

Grand Buffalo

The following is a True Story. All events and conversations are accurate, to the best of the author's ability. Artistic liberties are smattered throughout. Names have been changed where deemed necessary.


[We are sending you Away. You know the Drill. This will be your fourth journey there and we are looking forward to your reaction this time, Susan 2.0. I know I don't need to tell you to relax, but here is your mission this time. Open up to the Energy. P.S. You are really killing it out there. Keep up the good work!]


Thank God they promoted you, SheliaOkay, thanks for the head's up. I'm ready.

[Yep! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Susan. Yeah so the guys are asleep right now. Poker party. I love it when Command Center is quiet and the "boys" are asleep.]

011011 >>> Error. Subject is awake>>>

Shhh. Shelia. Don't disturb Bill and Tom. Make sure you make the coffee ;) Go knit. I've got this. 


I am Driving. I am Driving down 62 and I know what's Coming. I don't know why I know it's coming. But, it's coming. And I know what I need to do. I drive to The Place, and there is her car. It's an old granite-colored Chevy Impala. I see her handicapped sign hanging from the rear view mirror. I know, obviously, that it is her car because it's Her. Her name is Fuzzy.

I am still learning the significance of Fuzzy; who she is, why she exists, and why the Universe brought her into my viewfinder. 

I walk in, it's my second time, and just as the first, I feel a sensation as though I am unable to speak. Fuzzy is there and she already knows I am there, too. She knew why I was coming, and I want to ask her, Do YOU know why I am here? Why am I here, Fuzzy? Why am I drawn to your [charming, eccentric, fire-hazard of an oddity shop] that I could have cared less about for the past nine months? Why now? Why ME??


I do not know. I do not know many things. I do know. I do know many things. 

  • Energy is all around us
  • We cannot see Energy until we can see Energy
  • Taste /Touch /Smell/ Breathe – you can do all of these things with Energy
  • Energy is Powerful
  • Energy is Dangerous

The crystal. I get a crystal from the place. 

[Tom: Duh! Your readers are like no shit Sherlock. Shelia: Shut the fuck up, Tom.]

The crystal. Standard, pyramid. I do not know much about crystals.

The Energy. I am feeling a lot of Energy lately. I don't talk about it because I am caught in my Lifelong Crusade to hide that I manage a Mental Illness, and I self autocorrect, always worried that if I say something that is not on the regular menu at McDonalds, something scary might happen. Like what if I asked for filet mignon at Micky D's and I was convinced that they could actually make me a real filet mignon in the back. I am afraid I could get carted off for shit like that. [I do not believe that McDonalds can provide me that service, btw, that was just a missed-the-mark analogy].

Energy, Energy Good, Energy Bad. [evil??]

[Haaaaaaa. Here she is, trying to "figure it all out" like a junior high girl at a sleepover with a Ouija Board. Shelia: Bill, FYI, you're a total Bastard. 100%.]

...about what it's like to hide your thoughts / beliefs if you happen to have a diagnosed, documented Mental Illness, and if you still [[old habit]] try to paranoidly protect yourself from being carted off and therefore do NOT allow yourself to admit.

To reveal.

To Confess.

That you sense you are being followed by a Dark Energy.


Fuzzy has a Crystal Ball that she got from a Psychic who "had something very bad happen" and wanted to unload all her stuff, ASAP. The ball is cold to the touch, smooth as water, and it...I mean, I find it...



[Tom: Hmmm, interesting. Bill: Fucking A. Shelia: Congrats, you passed!]

Status: Subject is Human
Status: Subject is "Dabbling" with the Energies
Status: Complete


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