Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thanks so much. See you soon.

The time has come for me to stop using exclamation points.

We women use exclamation points just like smiley face emoticons in an effort to calm, tame, and delight our readers (clients, bosses, co-workers, friends). Sometimes I will write an email and then I will get worried. I sound kind of mad. I don't want (add female name here) to think I am mad at her?

There - that's another thing. Using question marks to show how unsure we are of ourselves. I put them in my own damn journal, as if I am not even sure what I think about what I think. Maybe it was wrong of me to ask her if she thinks breaking up was a mistake?

Exclamation points. It is time for me to challenge myself to only use them in case of emergency. THERE IS A FIRE IN THE AIRPLANE BATHROOM! would be a perfectly acceptable time to use an exclamation point. However, I am not sure why I would be writing this down as opposed to screaming it at a flight attendant. Maybe I would be writing it down in my journal as smoke filled the fuselage of the aircraft?

Anyway, the challenge will be the effort to still sound friendly and chipper and not passive aggressive and crabby.

Thanks so much for sending me the information! I will let you know when we can get together! See you soon! Thanks! Susan. (You, my reader, now feel good about having sent me the information. You are anticipating finding out from me when we can get together, and you are looking forward to seeing me soon. Ah, life is just grand and all so Anne of Green Gables, isn't it?)   :) 


Thanks so much for sending me the information. I will let you know when we can get together. See you soon. Thanks, Susan. (You, my reader, are sensing some ambiguous angst – maybe even anger? Was the information what she wanted, you wonder? Will she ever contact me to get together? When she says 'see you soon,' it is almost as if it's a threat. Is she coming after me for revenge?)

I want my words to pack a punch, not braid your hair. I am not mad at you, I just want to get off my email and go do something else. We are still friends, Ok? OK!

Thanks so much!

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  1. So true, I do the same thing at work. We've actually talked about how to "soften" our emails because they sound harsh. Love this post! (<--that one is for real)