Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Russian Nocturne

Russia is an iron horse standing after centuries of wear and tear.

Russia is a warm bowl of beets and beef, chilled with thick cream.

Russia is a moldy stairwell with a slow miniature elevator for three people, maximum.

Russia is shoes off, slippers at the door and, "Vud you like some tea?"

Russia is slippery streets in Winter, dusty streets in Spring.

Russia is toothy smiles and, "Vud you like an espresso before we leave, par-hapz?"

Russia is men in bright blue overalls working on construction projects.

Russia is dark in Winter and light almost 24 hours in Summer.

Russia is skinny Kent cigarettes and horseradish vodka.

Russia is beef, pickles, and sparkling wine.

Russia is old city buses and beautiful women walking pot-holed streets in 6-inch stilettos.

Russia is The Ballet.

Russia is 11 Time Zones, the largest country on Earth.

Russia is proud, solemn, strong... a Gigantic Mother Land.

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