Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Le Kansar Klub

OK, so, here's the deal.

I am starting a new club. Or, to get technical, this time it's a klub. Yes, yes, it is weird to be starting this one on my own without my dad's input, but he'll approve. This is going to be a really chic club. Trés exclusif.

It's called the Kansar Klub.

It's a happening place. A place where you can just... be with your misery. The Kansar Klub is for anyone who has been affected by cancer in some way:
  • Maybe you have had cancer
  • Maybe you have a friend who has a dad who has cancer
  • Maybe you know of a girl who had to have a mole removed off her back because it was cancerous
  • Etc, etc
Kansar Klub Agenda/Rules/Guidelines:
  1. Members of the Kansar Klub must be in possession of some type of chapeau/hat (preferably a beret) for klub meetings
  2. When a member of the klub is tired, he/she must, in an exasperated way, state in a French accent, "But I'm Le Tired"
  3. Each member must, at some point in their membership, make bars or some type of dessert for meetings
  4. Meetings take place whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want
  5. Each time you assemble for Kansar Klub, each member must, no matter what the circumstances are, find some way to laugh a little out loud (at LEAST a chuckle is mandatory)
Other items:
  • Must own min. of two stuffed animals
  • Must at least attempt to sleep in on weekends
  • Must have at least one decadent food which one consumes in excess at times
  • Must be available to give and receive hugs
  • Leather pants a plus
If you want to join, please leave your comments below. Applications will be accepted until the end of the Fall when SNOWFLAKE CLUB begins.

Sincerely. I mean it.


  1. i'm joining. i have a beret. i bought it for paris.

    i make wicked lemon bars.

    i don't have leather pants per se but i do have three pairs of chaps left over from my barrel racing days.

    i hope this is enough to consider my application.

    exsies and ohsises.

    Le Six

  2. wi wi, moi wanta be in theee Klub!

  3. i'm in. i don't have a beret but i will come naked. that counts.