Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Think I Would Have Been Happier In The 1920's

I think I would have been happier in the 1920's. Those women seemed more like me. Somehow I think that just by my ability to braid and curl my thick hair, I deserve to be transported back to those roaring times.

I want to wear long pearl necklaces and thigh high stockings. I want to put my cigarette in a long black stick between my red lipstick-stained teeth.

I want to go find my Grandma Nina in her high school class, and work the Summer shift with her in Glacier National Park. I want to get in trouble drinking whiskey in the urine-smelling cabins, and go skinny dipping with the kitchen staff in the cold mountain lake behind the chalet.

I think I would have been happier in the 1920's. Women didn't have to throw themselves at men back then. They were precious just by virtue of being delicate ladies. The rage of the time was to slap on a pair of pants and strut around town like you were piss-drunk naked. I want to feel the thrill of voting for the first time, and I want to do my tippity tap on my telegraph typewriter.

I want to be a girl Friday who cuts her hair above the ear and rolls it into curlers at night.

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