Friday, June 26, 2009

Cozy Houses At Night

"Oooo!" says my Dad.

"Look at THAT one!" says me.

We are driving around the lakes, soaking in the incredibly cozy views of all the rich houses in town. Genetically wired with like-minds, we finish each other's sentences with ideas of the activities that might be going inside the amber-colored rooms.

"Well, they... Those people just finished a dinner party. It was a barbecue and they had a nice time hanging out in the hot tub sipping on martinis in the back yard."

"And what are they doing now?"

"Well, the guests have left, and now the older couple who owns the place are both wearing slippers and listening to jazz. He is going to sit in his oak and leather library, and he will climb the rolling ladder 12-feet high to read a bit of Thoreau's Walden."

"What will they do tomorrow?"

"Well, neither of them work. They do Foundation and Charity work, of course, but, you know, no corporate crap. They are totally from old money. So, she will get up early, take the Mastiffs for a walk, then putz in the garden. He is going to eat breakfast in bed (maybe assembled by the in-house chef?) and then he will read The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times."

"Later, they will drive to the St. Croix and take their 40-foot Sea Ray on the river. They will meet up with a group of friends from Princeton, and they will have an afternoon anchored at the sandy shore. They will paint, they will fish, they will play cards and smoke cigars. Later, they will roast marshmallows. To end the night, they will go eat steaks in Stillwater, then sleep in the cuddy with opera playing on the built in stereo."

"Wow. Sounds nice! Maybe someday, huh?"

"Yeah. I gotta get to know those people. We need to edge our way into the old money crowd. Maybe they need a dog walker?... Dad! Look out for the pedestrian in the crosswalk!"

"Oh! Sorry, Runsk. I better drive the car!"

"Dad – Maybe next time we can get someone to drive a car for us so that we can look at the houses the whole time without having to worry about traffic."

"Sounds good, Suze. We'll do that."

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  1. so sweet, i can just picture the two of you