Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night Noodles in a Cup

It's Friday night and for dinner I just ate some noodles in a cup. Sometimes the only thing that will do for single food is something slightly pathetic like an item that comes out of a vending machine. It can feel kind of good to indulge in neglecting the four food groups.

In addition to the luxury of avoiding real food, I occasionally get amusement out of not putting things away in my kitchen. For example, I drank some orange juice with my noodles in a cup, and when the bottle was empty, I simply left it out on the kitchen counter. This same rule applies to clothes – there can be a delightful little jolt of rebellion when I throw my clothes in random places around my room. 

Don't get me wrong, I am normally conscientious when it comes to my eating and I am tidy when it comes to my apartment. The times when I rebel are either when my life feels super exciting and fast OR when I am stressed and in over my head. In terms of my current state of mind, I am unfortunately residing in the latter.

I spent four hours in the car today to go to a small town and give a presentation with my two bosses. I think I must have fallen into some kind of stupor while sitting silently in the backseat, because by the time I got home, the highest quality of care I could offer myself was a hot shower, a few teary phone calls from bed, the movie Ray on TV, and... noodles in a cup. (Oh, I did make rice as a side dish to add some carb variety to go along with the noodles). 

My brother just called me to say goodbye before he leaves with his wife to go to Mexico tomorrow. My brother – cool, outdoorsy, living the adventurous married life in the Pacific Northwest – he is a tough act to follow when it comes to who has the more pimpin' lifestyle. He may have just climbed a mountain or spent a day snowshoeing whereas I may have walked through the cemetery or read a book in the corner of a coffee shop. By myself.

Anyway, I almost felt bad for him to have to listen to my bleak cup-o-noodles attitude. When your very well-meaning sibling tells you to, "Have a relaxing weekend/Have fun playing with your cats," it makes you momentarily rethink your decision to let your account expire for the third time. But then you remember that date at Old Chicago with the young pilot who did not ask you one question while the two of you drank pink lemonades and discussed the techniques for surviving plane crashes... Well, that is when you snap out of your reverie and return to the conversation with your brother.

I don't know, when it comes down to it, the picture I have painted here is a less-of-a-blubbering-idiot version of Bridget Jones. Like her, I occasionally revert to smoking a cigarette and I also hear ridiculous monologues in my head. I probably make up at least one movie trailer a day about my life that is musically accompanied by something like Bon Iver and it involves 1) riding in a car, 2) flying in a plane, or, 3) doing something very Bridget Jones, like sitting on the couch in my pjs eating noodles in a cup on Friday night. 

If you do end up eating some noodles in a cup, (please, for the love) show enough class and self-respect to avoid the Shrimp Flavor.


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  1. i usually throw down an extra 60 cents on the Thai Kitchen rice noodles (which was somewhat of a luxury in college), that way i feel way more accomplished in life. lol. i love your writing.